Edward H Thompson – Landscape Artist

Edward H Thompson (1879-1949) is widely regarded as one of the greatest Lakeland artists of his generation. Working mainly in watercolours, he has been able to capture the natural beauty of the ever-changing landscapes of his native Cumbria.

Born in 1879, he took up painting when he was 12, much to the disapproval of his parents. But, with the support of his older brother he was able to paint at school and was further encouraged by his art teacher, Joe Barnes.

After leaving school, Edward Thompson worked as an office clerk and continued to paint in his spare time. By 1918, he had gained quite a reputation in the art world. This allowed him to give up his day job to become a full-time artist and open his very own studio in Cockermouth.

In 1924, he started using a pseudonym Donald Paton for some of this works. The theories behind this are twofold; it was either to increase sales in Cockermouth as it is said that Cumbrian’s didn’t rate the local artists; or it was because a London art dealer, who mainly dealt with Scottish clients, asked him to change it as he felt his art would sell better in Scotland with the new name.

Edward H Thompson devoted his life to painting and it can be said that his pictures are the very essence of Cumbrian painting. Today his works are considered highly collectible and adorn many private and public galleries.

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