All About Roger Young – Still Life Artist

Roger Young has been painting to a very high standard for over 30 years. He first started to paint at a young age using gouache to paint birds in high detail, exhibiting at numerous exhibitions throughout Cheshire.

He was inspired to paint by his biology teacher at school, who was then one of the best bird and wildlife painters in the country. Roger wanted to emulate the beautiful, detailed and accurate illustrations and set about practising the techniques needed to accomplish such work.

In 2009, Roger made a conscious decision to become a professional artist, as well as changing his subject matter and chosen medium. Oils on canvas quickly became his favourite choice of medium and he decided to concentrate almost exclusively with this medium for the rest of his artwork thereafter.

His chosen subject matter ranges from still life, to animals, to landscapes, with one recurring theme throughout all of his work – attention to detail. His hope is for the viewer to examine his paintings and discover the little details which may not necessarily have been appreciated before. To discover the beauty in the everyday and mundane, by simply taking time to stop and look for it.

Respecting the older techniques from centuries of artists, especially the Dutch methods, Roger paints along similar lines, whilst making full use of contemporary materials and compositions to offer a more modern appearance in his work. His paintings are intended to be realistic but not photographic.

Roger Young paints simply because it is what he enjoys doing, and he likes to see the enjoyment others have when viewing his work. His style is constantly evolving and improving with practice. He has won numerous awards and his paintings are highly collectable by discerning clients throughout the UK, Europe and USA.

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