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Louise Schofield


Born and raised in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, Louise is inspired by nature, creating artwork which reflects her passion for animals and landscape. Her aim is to create art that the viewer can relate to and makes them smile, enabling a positive connection between art and nature.

Ref: 1052 SOLD

Ref: F580 SOLD

Rob Hefferan


Rob was born in northern England in 1968 and, as a youth, he enjoyed drawing and painting dinosaurs and spaceships. He studied illustration at Manchester University finding work with an illustration agency before honing his eye on figurative works. Considered one of the most notable of new artists his works have sold out within hours at UK Art Fairs and are gaining popularity in the United States.

Ref: 1240 SOLD

Ref: 843 SOLD

Ref: 844 SOLD

Ref: 1239 SOLD

Ref: 1242 SOLD

Ref: 1241 SOLD

Darren Stevenson


Born in 1966 Nottingham Darren Stevenson is building upon traditional process and theme. He works in oils and under an 'Impressionists' guise he blends this with modern techniques, abstract style and by using 'Rabbit Skin' glue which he uses to 'prime' the canvas giving it textures and layers.

Once dry he will apply the oils to achieve effect. He will then sandpaper where necessary and will mix contemporary colour to create enigmatic landscapes.

Ref: F225 SOLD

Ref: 636 SOLD

Ref: 637 SOLD

Ref: F66 SOLD

Ref: 056 SOLD


Clare Walker


Yorkshire born Clare Walker studied Art & Design at York College of Art and quickly began to develop a strong interest in illustrating the natural world seeking out wildlife in their natural environments. With camera in hand she spends countless hours observing and understanding her subjects, striving to capture the spirit and atmosphere of a scene in that one unique moment before bringing them to life in the final piece of art.

Ref: F807

Ref: 1264

Ref: F810 SOLD

Ref: F811

Ref: 1265

Ref: F887 SOLD



Ripoll was born in Barcelona, Spain on February 5, 1935. At 16 years of age she began taking drawing classes at the Llotja School of Arts and Crafts (Escuela de Artes y Oficios). Subsequently she attend the Superior School of Fine Arts (La Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes), where she studied al fresco techniques and figure drawing.

Ripoll completed her artistic development with courses in perspective drawing and costume design at the Theatre Institute of Barcelona (El Instituto del Teatro de Barcelona). She also dedicated several years to creating costume and fashion designs for fashion magazines. Ripoll finally decided to devote herself to oil painting, primarily with flowers and still lifes as her subject matter.

Ripolli Ref: 771 SOLD

Ripolli Ref: 772 SOLD

Ripolli Ref: 773 SOLD

Ripolli Ref: 774 SOLD


Gonzales Ref: 763 SOLD

Gonzales Ref: 764 SOLD

Gonzales Ref: 765 SOLD

Gonzales Ref: 767 SOLD

Sheryl Roberts


Born in Leeds in 1971 Sheryl studied at Jacob Kramer School of Art before spending several years teaching led her to become a full time artist in 2001 working from her studio in Hyde Park, London.

Sheryl's latest body of work is directly inspired by the changing skies over the vast Yorkshire Dales - a place she finds mysteriously fascinating.

Ref: 622 SOLD

Ref: 623 SOLD

Ref: 624 SOLD

Ref: F131 SOLD

Vitorio Antoli

Ref: 747 SOLD

Ref: 748 SOLD

Ref: 746 SOLD

Ref: 750 SOLD

Ref: 751 SOLD

Glynn Williams


Born in Kent in 1955, Glynn has painted professionally since 1970 and his works are exhibited world-wide.

Ref: 614 SOLD

Ref: 615 SOLD

Peter Allis

Black Game by Peter Allis Ref: F295 SOLD

Storm over the White Cliffs by Peter Allis Ref: 777

A J Callan

A J Callan Ref: 1231 SOLD

A J Callan Ref: 1229 SOLD

A J Callan Ref: 1230 SOLD

Martina Yeon

Ref: 330 SOLD

Ref: 331 SOLD

Graham Petley

Graham Petley was born in Essex, England in 1944. In 1972 he opened an art gallery in working to promote various artists while continuing to paint.  He sold his gallery to concentrate full time on painting and since 1990 he has exhibited more widely and his tranquil paintings of the countryside in Devon, Cornwall, Scotland and other areas in England have found their way into many fine collections, including that of the Royal Saudi Family.

Graham Petley Oil Ref: 783 SOLD

John Russell

John is a Scottish artist living on a farm in northern England. He depicts British landscapes combining a mix of traditional with a contemporary finish, mixing brooking skies with dramatically lit foregrounds.

From Lakeland Cottages to Yorkshire Farms, Highland crofts to Cornish mines, rugged barren scenes are his favourite subject matter.

John Russell Ref: 1225 SOLD

John Russell Ref: 1183 SOLD

John Russell Ref: 942 SOLD

John Russell Ref: 1226 SOLD

John Russell Ref: 1200 SOLD

John Russell Ref: 1227 SOLD

John Russell Ref: 943 SOLD

John Russell Ref: 1228

John Russell Ref: 962 SOLD

John Russell Ref: 963 SOLD64

Other Artists

Tony Gittings Ref: 1004 SOLD

Peter Worwick Ref:1000 SOLD

McNamara Ref: 1244 SOLD

McNamara Ref:1243 SOLD